okladka blues pointThe second album of Blues Point differs considerably from the previous one. The title of the album „At a crossroads” was not chosen accidentally. It reflects all the problems brought up in the songs. The contemporary world is getting faster and our lives are getting more and more hectic. Most of us are living in a rush. We don’t have time to stop for a while and think about the most important values we should follow. Despite the rapid development of new technologies, the role of which is to facilitate communication among people, we often feel very lonely. As we grow older, life is not always what we thought it would be.

We forget about our high ideals and passions. We lose trust in love and friendship. Unfortunately,we are judged by what we own – not by what we are like. It’s money that determines the way we live. Countless atrocities and tragedies we can see around don’t help us understand the world. We are just at a crossroads…. Most of us don’t realize that we don’t need much to be happy. We should just slow down, appreciate what we have, seize the day, avoid toxic people and live like there’s no tomorrow…. The implemented changes concern the music as well. The band has recently undergone a real metamorphosis – from acoustic to electric blues. Rich, dynamic and diversified compositions, the sound of the instruments used in the songs and, of course, the excellent musicians participating in the recordings make the album unique and worth recommending.

In 2016 the album will be promoted by Todd Glazer in the USA, Australia and Canada.

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It’s seven
Stuck in a rut I start a brandnew day
Should be happy
My friends say I’m such a lucky guy
Hard to believe

I feel inside it’s not the way I wanted
Humdrum boring life is slowly driving me insane
I simply know my life is going by
I just gotta start anew
Otherwise I will go mad

Dinner time
Every smile foreseen
Every move is planned
Nothing can go wrong now
Empty talking
I can hardly stand it
Good we have a TV
At least we’ll be pretending

Family around
I’m feeling lonely
You’re lonely with me and my kids
I only need a friend I would depend on
You don’t wanna live like a fool


People come and go
one by one so humble
Well c’est la vie
We can’t help it
Time is merciless
Look at the trees
They’ll be here long after we are gone
They will stay here forever
There is no point in rushin’ around

Ebbs and rapid flows
Your life just seems to crumble
Stop Take it easy
There is no point of no return
Look at those waves
They’ll be here long after we are gone
They’ll be rolling forever
It is no use rushin’ around

Losers sometimes win
Winners often tumble
Weird ups and downs
Rollercoasters take us up and down
Look at the stars
They’ll be here long after we are gone
They’ll be shining forever
It is no use rushin’ around


Call me naive but I have a dream
The dream is unreal but everyone can dream

Could anyone deny
that money makes the world go round?
But I am sure that no one will deny
it sometimes ruins our lives
This place would be perfect
if it just didn’t exist at all

Life would be paradise
if you were never judged by what you own
if only your heart
were what you are respected for
I know it’s unreal
but let me just have a dream

Could anyone deny
that money talks and is no crime?
But I am sure that no one will deny
it builds high walls and just divides


I try to understand
I try so hard but I can’t
When I watch the news
fury’s on my mind

Help me understand
‘cos step by step
I’m losing all my trust in mankind
I just wanna know
if there is anything we can do
to clean up the mess we have made

Bloody wars
and senseless genocide
Power sick ambitions
They don’t get enough

I can’t comprehend
despair around
I feel overwhelmed
Justice won’t be done


I haven’t seen you for ages or more
You just vanished forever
Now you’re here I can’t believe
Where have you been so many years?
Let it be like before
So hold me
Let’s dance before the morning comes

Have you found the only one?
Or maybe you still look for someone to hug?
You gotta know I was waiting for you
Time and tide never ever waits
Now since you are back here with me
Let’s dance before the morning comes

We are dancing and spinning around
just we two and hungry jealous eyes on us
It is daying The night is fading
This dance seems neverending
It’s so hard to say the last goodbye
Let’s dance before tomorrow comes


Late night in the middle of nowhere
somewhere on the highway
On my own I keep looking for something
What for? I guess God only knows
In my secret life I’m still on the run
It is my secret life
undercover life

I don’t care what you think and what you’re sayin’
Set me free I hate boredom
I will keep searching for my dreams
I wanna find what I really want
The night is still young
I wanna run and hide
I lead a secret life
undercover life

When you’re free
there is nothing you can call your own
No place is your home
When you’re free
you just let the wind be your guiding light
It is calling you


It’s a song ‘bout my world today
little games that people play
It’s too fast I wanna stop
and feel I’ve had enough
Greedy people jealous minds
lies phoney smiles
There’s no time for friendship
We are livin’ in a rush

Where are my friends now?
Why are they all gone?
Why am I lonely?
Why did they choose Mammon and not me?

We used to have such an easy life
so innocent and deprived of lies
Rules were so simple
Never ever had we doubts
Say why it’s gone now
Say why it is so
I’m missing all those people
smiling honest people

Where did those times go?
Why are they all gone?
I’m feeling lonely
I’ve never felt
never so alone

All my friends in their own world
hidden on their own
Crazy pace and rat race
All principles are gone
We all stuck together
when there was no need
Now when I need you
not a single friend indeed

Where did those times go?
Why are they all gone?
I’m feeling lonesome
I’ll go my way
keep walking on my own


Our life’s a changing kaleidoscope
The world’s accelerating
It is getting small

With more and more new devices
we are feeling safe but alone
In spite of new devices
we are feeling simply alone

Twitter, blogs and facebook
A million friends around
You have a vague illusion
they’re always by your side

We are always online
We can’t lag behind
We’re just a generation
abreast of the times

It’s so superficial
soulless and cold
I’m asking you a question
Are we close enough?


I’m crestfallen
led astray by emotions
Can you help me
jus’ regain all my feelings?
I just wanna feel loved

Where should I go?
Who is right? Who is wrong?
No one wants such a lonely life
though some tough people deny

I’ve been trying
but once bitten you’re twice shy
I’ll be trying
There’s a ray left in my heart
Trust is what I need back

Where should I go?
Who is right? Who is wrong?
No one wants such a lonely life
though some convince you they want


You never leave your office
You’re living for your tasks
You worship all your bosses
There is no one you count on
No one ever counts
There’s only you
You have never thought ’bout others
You’re such a lonely selfish dude

Cold independent
you have been all your life
Your ego’s neverending
Jus’ look around
See also others
You are not the only one
I’d accept it if I were you
before you’re left oh all alone

There is more in life dude
more than you’ve ever thought
Life will not last forever
You won’t be always young
There is more in life dude
There is much more than your world

You’re a guy without emotions
All feelings leave you cold
Career promotions
You never get enough
You’ve got your god
It is just money
Nothing else No one counts
One day you’ll understand it
but no one will be by your side


I’m sitting an’ I’m thinking
I realize how much I’ve lost
My heart is still sinking
I’ve paid my dues – borne the costs

Wasted moments
but now I’m getting back control

I catch every minute
I think I love the skin I’m in
Bad days seemed infinite
I’d never thought of givin’ in

Born again now
I start it all from scratch – anew

I’m back on the right track
so don’t remind me of the past
There’s pain – some regrets
‘cos many mem’ries last and last

Wasted moments
but now I’m getting back control

I’m strong – I will not fail
I won’t let others interfere
One actor in my play
There’s no stage fright – There’s no fear

Born again now
I pluck up the courage once again


Some time back when I was so young
“When I’m 64” I played for fun
I couldn’t comprehend
It seemed miles away
Here I am Now I’m 61
Although I have grey hair
in spirit I’m young
Deep inside no change
I’m still the same
Now I know it’s much closer
I don’t care at all
Life is like before
I love it more and more

Day by day time is passing like crazy
No more time we have
So just seize it now
I feel the rhythm inside
I wanna share it tonight
Can’t you see there is fire in me?
So stand up and dance
Feel the rock’n’roll beat
Feel the fire inside
I will set you alight
Though I know
time’s never gonna stop
I don’t really care
‘cos my heart is young
and it feels so fine

No one cares if you’re old or young
‘cos we stay the same more or less in time
Never lose your drive
You only get one life
Some guys say why you’re wrong or right
some are helping you arrange your life
Beware of those guys
Never listen Don’t trust
Deep inside there is no difference
Only wicked mirrors remind you that
some time has passed