Colours of life – TWINSEED

twinseed okladkaTWINSEED was set up in 2010. The first album of this electropop group called “Colours of life” consists of 12 catchy, melodious and well-arranged tunes with intelligent and thoroughly thought-over lyrics. All the songs on the album were written by Sebastian Thiel (music) and Paweł Mrowiec (lyrics). They concern different aspects of life all the people in the world are familliar with: childhood dreams, self-fulfilment, moral dilemmas, doubts, love, relationships, passing and the power of belief.
The first single of Twinseed is called „Too little time” and it was released on 17 January 2016.


(lyrics: Paweł Mrowiec) ©

Deep in your soul
in the dark corners of your heart
you had a dream
but you backed away
you were too scared – you did not dare

Visions of life
you used to draw
being a child
are still livin’ in your mind
they are waiting for your try


Get back to your childhood dreams
the dreams you just ignored
Get back to the innocence
you used to feel before

You toss and turn
You’re feeling down
an’ you seem bored
stuck in a rut
kind of overwhelmed
an’ you jus’ can’t find peace of mind
Your dream’s alive
so it’s high time you realised
you can always turn back time
Time is always on your side


(lyrics: Paweł Mrowiec) ©

Life’s a maze – it’s full of traps
There’s so many chances you can take
or get lost …
A jigsaw puzzle for the brave
There’s no place for fears and weaknesses
Crazy race


But please don’t cry
Jus’ look around
There’s always someone
standing nearby

So please don’t cry
an’ don’t break down
There’s always someone near
who’ll make you smile

Hurdles often seem too high
One more lap to run – impossible
Don’t give up
Chase your big dreams – rain or shine
Life’s a diamond that you have to cut
It takes time


So don’t ask why
Cheer up and smile
Don’t let your dreams go by
Don’t let them die

Look at the sky
Look at the sun
an’ welcome rainy days with open arms
open arms


(lyrics: Paweł Mrowiec) ©

If I were a star
I’d win all my fans’ hearts
travel so, so far
eat in posh restaurants
but I’m not sure
it would make sense
true love
if I came back
to empty rooms
of big

If I were a sheikh
I’d be a billionaire
fly around the world
build castles everywhere
but I’m not sure
it would make sense
true love
if I woke up
in beds of gold
so cold
not loved …


I’m not so sure
life would make sense
true love

I’m just not sure
life would make sense
without you

I am not a sheikh
don’t gamble every night
I am not a star
I don’t give autographs
but I don’t regret
‘cos I’m led by
the light
of love
The diamond I have
no sheikh on earth
can rent
or buy …


(lyrics: Paweł Mrowiec) ©

I got up early
mooned around the house
turned on the telly
jus’ whiled away my time
went to a café
drank some tea and wine
stared at some people
walked around the town

but I hope
I’ll soon change it
rearrange my life
I am sure
I will make it
leave the past behind

So many moments
wasted – dead and gone
Many a romance
My heart is sometimes wrong
So many chances
oh have passed me by
Too many lessons
I jus’ haven’t learned

but there’s no time
for regretting
Good times are to come
It’s no use
My life’s just begun


You doubt it …
but I will prove you wrong
still doubt it …
I’ll show you that I’m strong

I can reach the stars
I can touch the skies
I’ll fight!
I can touch the stars
I can reach the skies
No doubt …

Yes – I will dream on
move away the fears
an’ I will fly on
There’s wind beneath my wings
Maybe I’m crazy
but I don’t really care
Life is amazing
with a little flair

I just know
the die is cast now
There is no return
an’ I’m sure
there’s a chance now
The toxic past is gone


Don’t doubt it!
You’ll soon feel you are wrong
Don’t doubt it!
Jus’ believe I am strong

I can reach the stars
I can touch the skies
I’ll fight!
I can touch the stars
I can reach the skies
No doubt …