Simply Blues – BLUES POINT

okladka blues pointBlues Point is an acoustic combination of blues, rhythm’n’blues, funky and rock and roll. The band was set up in Warsaw in November 2010. The members of the band are: Włodek Sobczak, Mirek Borkowski and Arek Osenkowski.
At the beginning of 2013 the band decided to record the English version of the album “Po prostu” which had been released in March 2012. The English version of the album called “Simply Blues” includes 2 additional songs – “Whiles like diamonds” and “Open up your heart”. At the moment it is being promoted in 17 countries by Frank Roszak – a famous American blues producer who at the beginning of his career cooperated among others with the Pet Shop Boys (single “West End Girls”).
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(P.Mrowiec, M. Borkowski)

You’ve gone out of my life
My eyes are full of tears
You’ve gone out of my life
You’ve left me with my fears
My world is upside down
We wasted all those years

You’ve gone out of my life
My heart is full of pain
You’ve gone out of my life
It’s suffering in vain
Your words cut like a knife
My life is not the same

You’ve gone out of my life
There is no reason why
You’ve gone out of my life
This fact I can’t deny
I wanna drown my sorrows
oh somewhere in this town

You’ve gone out of my life
I will not sleep tonight
You’ve gone out of my life
I’m gonna drink all night
Tomorrow I will think
what was wrong – what right


(Paweł Mrowiec)

All of a sudden – out of the blue
I found you online – unreal but true
You came to my life
You turned my world upside down
My inspiration – my muse you are
fulfilling my dreams – You are my life
You brought the sun
You made it shine
You made me smile

You gave me power
You made me change
My life is new now – just rearranged
I’m not the same no more
stronger for sure
You made me love you
love you like mad

We left the past somewhere far behind
Ahead of us just a brandnew start
Because of you I know
I’ll move on – will carry on
Oh every moment you’re on my mind
You’re always standing right by my side
You let me understand
life can be a precious gem


(P. Mrowiec, M. Borkowski)

Sometimes I am simply mad
have enough and get upset
I would love to leave the past
It’s no use repenting – looking back
Won’t look back
I will look ahead

I will put my leather jacket on
take my car and mobile phone
I will drive anywhere
Nothing will hold me back
I won’t stop
I will never stop

I’ll be sleeping in the open
leaving girls’ hearts torn and broken
drinking cold beer all night long
I won’t give it up for sure
I’ll drink all night
‘til the day is bright

If one day I change my mind
and decide to settle down
I will find a girl who’s lonely
girl of my dreams – one and only
girl for life
girl for all my life

I will have five or six kids
make their life complete and sweet
Late at night I’ll hold my baby
I will treat her like a lady
start to live
I will start to live
start to live
finally start to live


(Paweł Mrowiec)

My one and only
You’re my paradise
My one and lovely
I wanna wake up in your arms
When we are together
Skies are blue – It’s never dark
My one and only
Look at me and smile at once
My sweet, my lovely
I can’t live without your love
When I cannot see you
my heart is as cold as ice

cold as ice
my heart of ice
without your eyes
my heart of ice
without your eyes
my heart of ice

My one and only
Only you can make my nights
My one and lovely
I wanna give you love delight
wanna be your love light
just a guide in your life
Oh my sweet cutie
Hand in hand in ups and downs
My lovely beauty
Don’t be scared of rainy clouds
We must be together
Let two hearts oh beat as one


(P. Mrowiec, M. Borkowski)

I’ve poured myself a glass of whisky
have just read the letter you sent me
Oh it says you wanna leave me
you don’t need me anymore
Oh I liked you, little baby
You are tearing now my heart apart

Just another glass of whisky
I feel better – feel relief
can’t stop thinking what you’ve done, girl
I just can’t help shedding tears
Oh I liked you, little baby
even when you made mistakes

Yet another glass of whisky
I know well bad mood’s to come
There’s a grudge deep down inside now
Who will mend my broken heart?
I just liked you, my sweet baby
and I miss you
miss you so

Oh all my world has started spinning
but it’s not because of you
It is whisky that’s beginning
oh to mix up all my thoughts
Yeah tomorrow when I wake up
I will face a new reality
new reality


(Paweł Mrowiec)

It’s so hard to find you
reach you on the phone
I think you should stop pretending
What is going on?

Please don’t lie to me
No please – Don’t lie to me
I’m really mad now
I feel sad

Many times you said you loved me
‘Nobody else counts’
So how come you still avoid me,
mess around with guys?

Please don’t tell me lies
No no – Do not tell me lies
I’m really mad now
and without you
I am sad

Lyin’ is no good for lovers
Lies will never get you far
Have you left me for another?
Who, babe, do you hide?

I’m about to lose my temper
You say I’m not fair
It is you who’s a pretender
Do you really care?


(P. Mrowiec, M. Borkowski)

I will tell you guys what blues does to me
this blues, this old good blues
I wonder if you feel it, too

Early when I wake up – it’s already there
helps me take it easy – Troubles? I don’t care
Day by day it jus’ makes my world go round
Oh yeah it does
Oh it makes me feel like swaying
Blues is everywhere

When my friends don’t call me, blues is by my side
When I’m feeling lonely, it makes me feel alright
Day by day it jus’ makes my world go round
Oh yeah it does
I just feel alive – I’m swaying
Blues is everywhere

Oh yes yes yes
Oh yes yes yes this blues
Oh yes yes yes
Oh yes yes yes this old swaying blues

When I’m blue or crying – it sounds in my ears
makes me feel like flying – stops my falling tears
Day by day it jus’ makes my world go round
Oh yeah it does
Oh I feel alive – I’m swaying
Blues is everywhere

It’s my way – It’s my life – It’s my destiny
Wherever I will go – blues will follow me
Day by day it jus’ makes my world go round
Oh yeah it does
Oh it makes me feel like swaying
Blues is everywhere


(Paweł Mrowiec)

Life is such a drag
I am living hand to mouth
Time to start again – rewind it
but I’m tired and fed up
A thousand bills on the table
I should have paid them on time
My life now is such a gamble
‘cos it sucks and drives me mad
but I feel inside
that my angel
my guardian angel
this angel
will change my life

Lately I’ve joined the dole queue
hoping for a job
They don’t give a damn about you
They treat you jus’ like a stray dog
My children are waiting forever
for a better, decent life
Tears are rolling from my pillow
I do not feel man enough

My wife has left me
I feel like a broken toy
My kids disappoint me
No love now – There’s no joy
No clue what I should do now
I’m a simply helpless bloke
Oh I’d better swallow my pride
but it’s hard if you are broke


(Paweł Mrowiec)

Once there was a carefree life
You were reckless – You were young
On the booze and always high
That’s the way you lived your life
Life was easy – Life was fun
You never needed anyone
‘Heartless scoundrel’ people called you
You were proud – Noone ignored you
Every story has its end
Now you’re left all by yourself
Now you’re lonesome – Friends are gone
There’s no place you call your home

It’s too late now for regrets
What you see is what you get
Was it worth it? Face the truth
It’s high time you understood
Life’s a while in space, my brother
so don’t waste it – There’s no other
You can’t turn back time no more
Was it worth it? I guess not
I will give you some advice
Don’t let your life pass you by
Life’s a while in space, my brother
so don’t waste it – There’s no other


(Paweł Mrowiec)

Lazy late evening – Smoky cafe
Romantic dim lights – Feels like heaven
This cosy armchair makes me sleepy
brings back the past
I feel like dreaming
Now I know
where I belong
Sometimes I
miss those nights
gorgeous whiles

Mem’ries we have
are like diamonds babe
They’re forever and never will fade
Love whiles are priceless
That’s what you can’t buy
Hide them forever
and they’ll last for keeps

Day has gone by – It’s over
Night is slowly fallin’
from the sky
The candle lights oh keep on burning
You just can’t fall asleep
still toss and turn


(Paweł Mrowiec)

Open up babe your heart
I’m waiting – Do you care?
I wanna hold you close now
and stroke your hair

We will fly together
We will never stop
turn back time forever
never drift apart

I’ll switch the TV off now
We need some peace and quiet
I wanna dry your teardrops
bring joy and light

We’ll pack and wrap up
all the dreams we share
We will fly together
where only the brave dare

We will fly together
We will neer stop
turn back time forever
never drift apart

We’re lying here together
so close – oh yet so far now
jus’ like two islands
uh so, so distant