okladka blues pointThe second album of Blues Point differs considerably from the previous one. The title of the album „At a crossroads” was not chosen accidentally. It reflects all the problems brought up in the songs. The contemporary world is getting faster and our lives are getting more and more hectic. Most of us are living in a rush. We don’t have time to stop for a while and think about the most important values we should follow. Despite the rapid development of new technologies, the role of which is to facilitate communication among people, we often feel very lonely. As we grow older, life is not always what we thought it would be. Continue reading

Simply Blues – BLUES POINT

okladka blues pointBlues Point is an acoustic combination of blues, rhythm’n’blues, funky and rock and roll. The band was set up in Warsaw in November 2010. The members of the band are: Włodek Sobczak, Mirek Borkowski and Arek Osenkowski.
At the beginning of 2013 the band decided to record the English version of the album “Po prostu” which had been released in March 2012. The English version of the album called “Simply Blues” includes 2 additional songs – “Whiles like diamonds” and “Open up your heart”. At the moment it is being promoted in 17 countries by Frank Roszak – a famous American blues producer who at the beginning of his career cooperated among others with the Pet Shop Boys (single “West End Girls”). Continue reading

Colours of life – TWINSEED

twinseed okladkaTWINSEED was set up in 2010. The first album of this electropop group called “Colours of life” consists of 12 catchy, melodious and well-arranged tunes with intelligent and thoroughly thought-over lyrics. All the songs on the album were written by Sebastian Thiel (music) and Paweł Mrowiec (lyrics). They concern different aspects of life all the people in the world are familliar with: childhood dreams, self-fulfilment, moral dilemmas, doubts, love, relationships, passing and the power of belief. Continue reading