I’ll stand tall

written for Anika

I know what it’s like – to feel pain
I know how you feel – led astray
I used to have days of sorrow
but those times are now the past
Ups and downs have made me wiser
Now I – feel brave

Teardrops in my heart – an’ on my cheeks
Love wounds hurt so much – they’re not healed
but I have to keep going
alone against the wind
Though I know – I may lose my way
I’ll sail – whatever it takes


I’ll stand tall
despite it all
I’ll keep fighting – hard enough
I won’t fall
an’ I’ll walk tall
leave bad mem’ries
far behind

Sailing on my own – in the dark
I’m guided by the light – of the stars
When I face claps of thunder
I use all my might to come through
I’m not scared of stormy weather
I am sure – it makes me just stronger