It’s not about money

written for Norbert Sztuk

Here I’m standing
woebegone, forgotten, full of fear
I’m still waiting ‘tho I realize that
love’s disappeared

Now you’re shining
on the covers of big magazines
Your new friends keep saying
love is not in …


Hey baby – Don’t believe in what they’re sayin’!
Hey baby – Be yourself the skin you’re in!
Oh remember it’s not gold that makes a lady
My body’s missing your touch
yearning so much …

No more begging
That’s what I call pride and dignity
All the world you know is fake
far away from reality
People tell you
that you’ll never have a chance to find true love
but in fact they miss it so deep inside


So baby – Have you really thought it over?
Think baby – Do you really wanna quit?
Remember phoney smiles don’t last forever
One day you will face the truth
real naked truth