Together again (at Christmas)

written for Norbert Sztuk

Dim Christmas lights are glowing
Joy lives in my heart
The magic wind is blowing
Slowly it’s getting dark
All Christmas trees – so shy but so
dignified tonight
The white world around – so lovely
childhood memories …
and the snow is falling (so) slowly
We’re not alone


Slow down for a while!
Leave the past behind!
Let’s not waste these magic whiles!
We just need some hush
fed up with a rush
It’s time to think about love
Tonight noone should cry

So long I have been dreaming
of you by my side
I can’t deny the feeling
I just wasted my time
What would you say, my sweetheart,
if we turned back time?
It’s high time we thought things over
started just anew
You are still my first class lover
a dream come true


Let’s just make it up
make the most of love!