Other lyrics

I’ll stand tall

written for Anika

I know what it’s like – to feel pain
I know how you feel – led astray
I used to have days of sorrow
but those times are now the past
Ups and downs have made me wiser
Now I – feel brave Czytaj dalej

Together again (at Christmas)

written for Norbert Sztuk

Dim Christmas lights are glowing
Joy lives in my heart
The magic wind is blowing
Slowly it’s getting dark
All Christmas trees – so shy but so
dignified tonight
The white world around – so lovely
childhood memories …
and the snow is falling (so) slowly
We’re not alone Czytaj dalej

It’s not about money

written for Norbert Sztuk

Here I’m standing
woebegone, forgotten, full of fear
I’m still waiting ‘tho I realize that
love’s disappeared

Now you’re shining
on the covers of big magazines
Your new friends keep saying
love is not in … Czytaj dalej

Lady nobody

written for Jacek Huk

I used to count on your love
I used to find you amazing
I was so proud of this love
quite sure it is everlasting

Those guys relied on your words
They used to love you like crazy
They flew around the whole world
and covered all your expenses Czytaj dalej

Dream together

written for Marek Podstawek

Sit with me – Move closer – Let me hear your heart
When I feel it beat, I’m really safe and calm
Let’s just fly away and leave the earth behind
For a little while let’s put all fears aside
Tonight’s so quiet Czytaj dalej

Blue lagoon

written for Marek Podstawek

Emerald green dreams
and magenta, yellow fields
The ocean’s sky blue

Cloudless sky – the sun
It will never set this time Czytaj dalej

Let’s just talk

written for Marek Podstawek

Waiting for you every day, every night, every minute
My fault!
I should’ve known you’d leave me one day
I am to blame
I was blind – I just hadn’t seen it before
I know
it’s not my love that you have put first Czytaj dalej


written for Michael Pok

Look what you have done
Look what you have done to my
Look – it’s dying
Look what you have done
Look what you have done to my
Look – it’s crying Czytaj dalej

Enough is enough

I’m fed up with your romances
silly games that kill my heart
wicked lies an’ wasted chances
This time – boy – you’ve gone too far Czytaj dalej

Hunters by night

Cat-eyed strangers high an’ low
looking for a thrill of love
They’re hunting – can’t stop hunting
Under cover of the night
where the moon’s the only guide
We’re hunting – can’t stop hunting Czytaj dalej

Reach the sky

written for Michael Pok

Look at the – cloudless sky
No hurricanes around
Millions of – waiting stars
easy to reach this time
So come out – of the dark
Put some light in your heart
Let your hope – be your guide
Leave your fears far aside Czytaj dalej

From love to hate

We are the worlds apart
We are the worlds apart

When we fell in love, we just reached the sky
You were my goddess and I was your god
It felt like heaven – Life was paradise
You were my muse – I was your Mr Right Czytaj dalej