bring back the sunMy cooperation with Rafał Marzec – the owner of Blue Wings Records – started a few years ago. So far we have made a few house tracks together. The songs haven’t been released yet and they are still waiting for good artists to be performed.
On my website I am presenting the track “Bring back the sun” (instrumental version). In the film I attached you can see the band Soundnation performing the extract of the song with the lyrics. The film was made by one of the Polish local television channels.
Rafał is a unique person. Despite his disability he is a very talented house and trance composer. I have incredible respect for him. I’ll only mention that two years ago he received Christmas wishes from one of the most popular DJs in the world – ATB. Andre was really impressed by his talent.

Sound Nation, czyli niewidomi czarodzieje

all by yourself
on your own

Your sun
disappeared forever
no ray of light
too many clouds

Look around
So many hearts
yearn for love

They keep
lookin’ out
for someone
to paint their sky
bring back the sun
make it shine

Look on the bright side
Never look back

It is your past that lurks in the dark
breaks your life
but don’t let it get you down

Bad times are gone
for keeps
So let some light in your heart
for a start

It’s not a shame to say
you need love
‘cos love is all that counts

(lyrics: Paweł Mrowiec) ©