Too little time

twinseedThe first single of Twinseed was released on 17 January 2016. It’s a beautiful ballad describing fragile human life. The song was written by Sebastian Thiel and Paweł Mrowiec. It was mixed by a famous German record producer, composer, arranger and remixer Peter Ries (


Hear silence around

Feel my beating heart

Look The sun is gone

Dusk knocked at the door

What a blissful night

Stars the endless sky

hills covered with vines

blue horizon lines

I ought to understand it

and I should comprehend

that everything must end

that there will come such a day

when I have to say goodbye

but …


Why is it so?

Why can’t we stay here longer?

Forever? Oh no!

but just a little longer …

Look at the moon

Just divine!

Work of art

Hear the wind sigh


No I am not sad

though it’s not quite fair

I just seize the day

fly where eagles dare

There’s so much to discover

‘cause life’s a masterpiece

an everlasting dream

We shouldn’t miss anything

but we just run out of time